What is my vision?

Good question! Here`s what I have to say.

Every photographer has a distinctive angle, a contrasting vision and a strong emotion towards the photos they produce. As you will see in my gallery, I focus on both personal and professional work. My objective is to adequately cover each of my subjects with a unique approach.

What I am Doing

Portraits & Weddings

The main course of my photo work. Portraits for those who stand out and for those who want to be captured in the moment. Weddings for those who want to share that special moment for the rest of their lives. Please view my Pricing page to view the various packages I offer.

Commercial Photography

A new and ongoing experience with a goal to create a concentrated collection of stock photos for designers, marketing teams and web designers. Stay tuned as a new gallery will be available in 2017!

Film Photography

Ancient, costly and obsolete are the words we hear when it comes to film. Nonetheless, film photography has been around for decades even centuries. I use them and yes, it is awesome. The process of working with film has played a huge role in my photo work. I still carry rolls of film and often enjoy travelling with my 35mm camera. Some of the images you`ll see in my gallery are results of various negative film scanned and digitized.

Camera & Lenses

Any good photographer will tell you that cameras and lenses are nothing more than tools. If you're not ready to see the right angle or willing to produce that special shot, the gear won't matter. We must be comfortable to view the world in our own way so that the images we capture become memories that last forever.